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Before I met Nick I was unsure about work and kinda stuck with too many big decisions to make. During the program, I was able to see all the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals but also make big and important decisions with my career, simply because I felt that I regained control over my life. Now I'm the MD of my own company! I cannot recommend Nick enough for this. He will bring out of you what you didn’t even know existed.
Gilbert M.
Managing Director
I was stuck stagnating and crippled with self-doubt, feeling like I didn’t have what it takes to get to where I wanted. Nick helps you see the bigger picture, challenge your belief systems, tackle your insecurities, realise your potential, and get out of the research phase to the do it phase. Now I have a job that’s taking my career down the path I thought I couldn’t get to. If you’re lost, not sure where you want to go, how to start, or just need that extra push, give Nick a go!
Lara K.
Creative Producer
I reached out to Nick because I felt there was part of me that could be living a better life and I didn’t know how to get there. I liked having someone to keep me accountable for the goals I set myself. Without a coach, it's easy to set and forget, but I really appreciated the motivation and encouragement to commit to the things I set out to do. Nick brings a very human approach to every interaction, and the importance of taking action has become fundamental in making the changes I want to see in my life. Thank you!
Ingrid M.
Product Designer
Before working with Nick I had goals I didn’t know how to get started on or believe I could achieve. I knew that I really needed to kickstart things but felt stuck on how to do it. I went in with nothing to lose and came out feeling like I know myself a lot more. I’ve managed to repurpose the ‘can’t do’ energy into a much more progressive outlook. If you feel frustrated with your development or stuck with your mindset, I highly recommend speaking to Nick.
Zac C.
Project Manager
Before speaking to Nick I felt overwhelmed with so many creative ideas and dreams I wanted to chase. Nick knew how to help me focus, asking me all the right questions to be able to clear my brain muddle. Each coaching session I came away feeling brilliant. His approach is so wonderful and he’s a joy to talk to! I’m now so much clearer. I recommend Nick’s program to anyone who wants to feel fulfilled and high on life!
Kerry C.
Small Business Owner
I like to think of myself as a driven person but leading up to contacting Nick I’d been feeling pretty flat. My brain was in overdrive but I couldn’t focus on anything. Nick helped me get super clear on the direction I want to be heading in and gave me the kick up the butt I needed to get there. I’ve always taken good care of my body but I realised I’d been ignoring my mind. To give your mind the attention it deserves, get in touch with Nick ASAP.
Dev G.
Art Director
I was a bit of a mess before! It felt like I was just watching a movie of my life happening rather than being an active participant in it. I was pretty sceptical of life coaching, so it took me a while to finally take the leap but I’m so glad I did. Nick really opened my eyes to why I was getting in my own way and helped me take the steps I needed to get out of it. I don’t even recognise that person anymore. If you’re on the fence too all I can say is do it! You won’t regret it!
Suzie L.
Legal Secretary
Before working with Nick I was lost and lacked direction. I would sit and overthink, “why”? I learnt that prioritising my goals then taking steps provided the structure I needed to move forward. As a result, I've been able to progress with clear direction to achieve them. I can't thank Nick enough for being that constant person who kept me accountable. If you're wondering what that first step is, it's to reach out to Nick.
James I.
Client Manager
Working with Nick gave me the confidence and clarity to see myself in a new light and really work toward important goals. He is caring, supportive and has a way of keeping things level. I would absolutely recommend Nick for coaching if you're interested in self-exploration and have some goals you'd like to achieve.
Arian L.
Yoga Teacher


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