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who doesn't want to be happy at work?

Whether you’re looking to boost morale in the workplace, support your employees’ mental health and well-being, or further their professional development, there’s an offering to suit.

Backed by the fields of Positive Psychology and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), take a science-backed approach to training your team’s brains for happiness. 

Join the happiness movement today and create a happy, healthy workplace culture that staff want to shout about.

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life coach giving presentation to audience


A 60/90 minute interactive workshop to educate and inform.

  • Choose from a library of workshop topics
  • Participants will learn tools and techniques to help improve mental health, increase self-esteem, and enhance daily performance
  • Great for any team looking to upskill their employees and who value employee development
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A 60-minute practical workshop to connect and grow.

  • This session is split into 3 parts: activities to build deeper personal connections, evidence-based breathwork, and ice baths
  • Participants will learn skills to help reduce stress, increase resilience, and have heaps of fun
  • Great for any team looking to improve company culture and employee well-being
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A 60-minute practical workshop to boost and calm.

  • A variety of breathing exercises to stimulate mind and body connection
  • Participants will learn skills to help reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance daily performance
  • Great for any team looking to develop employee resilience, improve focus, and prioritise mental health



New tools and techniques to improve mental health and self-esteem

Upskilling to improve job satisfaction

Reduces stress and improves overall well-being

Helps deepen connections within the team

Employees who positively rated their business’ commitment to wellness were 63% more likely to be loyal

Employees are happier at home and in the workplace



Employees who are happier will perform better in the office

Employees will have fewer sick days - 14.2 weeks are being lost due to work pressure which is costing businesses $37,000 per employee

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability

89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work

Improved employee satisfaction and reduced employee turnover

woolies x
We found the happiness seminar to be very well articulated and presented, and loved the realistic and super interactive session that got our team bonding and learning more about each other. Nick is an incredibly positive and radiant human, who held our attention and respect for his knowledge and pragmatic advice. I'd highly recommend these sessions to any teams looking to lean into wellness, positivity, gratitude and overall team bonding opportunities.
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Nick presented to my team and delivered beyond expectations. We opted for the happiness seminar and the hour was fun, rewarding and I firmly believe my team had some great takeaways to build upon their own selves. We'll definitely have Nick back for his other seminar, resilience!
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After seeing Nick’s great work in the local community we reached out to him to become an affiliate member and offer one of his workshops to our members and the general public as a way to enhance well-being. Nick was very personable and made the delivery of his workshop accessible to all in a supportive and encouraging environment. We had an amazing turnout with great feedback and look forward to hosting more workshops in the near future.


Facilitated as 60 or 90 min sessions. In-person and online options are available.


A signature, feel-good workshop of practical tools to improve your team’s mental health and fitness in and out of work.

During this interactive workshop, we’ll cover:

How to define happiness


The big 3 happiness myths

How to be more intentional

The power of self talk

Why gratitude matters


A specialised workshop of skills to effectively manage the everyday stress of work, home life, and relationships.

During this interactive workshop, we’ll cover:

How to define resilience

Neuroscience of resilience

The 6 domains of resilience

Resilience skills

Utilising active strengths

Resilience action plan


An exploratory workshop of breathing techniques to improve your team’s focus, concentration and attention span.

During this interactive workshop, we’ll cover:

How to breathe effectively

Mind, breathing and sleep

The hierarchy of breathing

Dealing with stress

Getting out of your head

Improving flow


Do something both challenging and fun to bring your team together. Build camaraderie through the comfort-zone-pushing experience of cold water therapy and get a mood-boosting dopamine hit!

Rashies and activewear are perfectly fine for anyone self-conscious about their body around their work colleagues. Can be facilitated at your workplace or Coogee Beach, Sydney.

Paired and group connection activities

Evidence-based breathwork

Cold immersion theory and ice bath dunking


One of the most powerful tools available to us is our breath. Conscious use of it gives access to the mind and the nervous system, improving our mental and physical health.

Tap into the hidden power of oxygen and unlock the potential inside your team. Can be facilitated at your workplace or Coogee Beach, Sydney.

Breathing pattern assessments

Evidence-based breathwork

Increased energy and better quality sleep

looking for an offsite experience or brand activation?

Bring some happiness to your away day or campaign launch. Corporate seminars, team-building workshops, breathwork and ice bath sessions can be facilitated across NSW and beyond. Please get in touch if you’re looking for more information.


Get in touch as Nick would be more than happy to tailor a specific session or package for you.